Micro Hydro Diversion Screens

Debris and coarse sediment wreck havoc on micro hydro systems. The smaller orifices in these turbines can easily become plugged and the jets, which direct water to a pelton wheel or impeller, eroded and worn by any sediment in the water.

Our micro hydro diversion screens can help protect your investment, reduce maintenance costs, and insure continuous turbine operation. If you have ever walked up the hill to take leaves, pine needles and trash off an inferior intake screen, you have an appreciation, and need, for a self-cleaning intake screen from Hydroscreen.

Beyond debris and sediment, regulations often require that all diverted water be screened to exclude the passage of fish into the penstock and through the turbines. Our screens will exclude all fish from your diverted water, guaranteed. Their effectiveness in this regard has been shown by numerous case studies (references will be furnished upon request).

Hydroscreen has furnished micro hydro diversion screens to a number of leading pelton turbine manufacturers such as Canyon Industries of Deming, Washington. From the smallest to the largest pelton turbines, the removal of damage causing debris and sediments is a prime design consideration for Hydroscreen.

To learn more about Hydroscreen micro hydro diversion screens and discuss your unique project requirements, contact us today.